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Event management as an industry is constantly evolving with technology & audience experience being at its core. The pandemic saw this ever-changing industry transform into virtual events. As experiential marketing professionals, if the canvas had changed from arenas and ballrooms ...

UAE to see more ‘hybrid events’ post pandemic.

Hybrid events, which combine in-person participation with virtual remote logins, are set to be the new norm in the events industry post the Covid-19 pandemic, expert said. According to statistics by EventMB, 66.5 per cent of event professionals are already planning ...

The future of virtual and hybrid events post Covid.

People have been networking virtually for well over a decade now, by way of social media, be it to connect with family and friends or to find jobs, companions, etc. Virtual connections have proven to build stronger ties and lets ...

360X Promises To Enhance Audience Experience.

Reimagine virtual & hybrid events – be it out of space, an island getaway or a futuristic cityscape – it’s time to take your attendees on a journey beyond. Presenting 360X, a fully customisable and immersive virtual & hybrid events platform that ...